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Instructor of Record

ANTH 205: Human Cultural Diversity

Using concepts and models of cultural anthropology, this course will survey the principal cultural types of the world and their distribution and will undertake a detailed analysis of society’s representative of each type.

Course Syllabus

Teaching Assistant

ANTH 204: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Human Evolution

This course surveys biological anthropology through a review of evolutionary theory and genetics, the fossil evidence for current theories in human evolution with insight from modern non-human primates, and the influence of environmental stressors on modern human biological variation.

Teaching Responsibilities
  • Teach labs on biological anthropology topics, including genetics, primatology, human evolution, etc.

ANTH 100: Being Human – Introduction to Anthropology

A general introduction to anthropology’s holistic approach to human nature and behavior. A basic survey of biocultural developmental and evolutionary processes, and human uniformity and diversity through time and across space.

Teaching Responsibilities
  • Implement activities to reinforce lecture topics from the four fields of anthropology
  • Lead discussion on assigned readings and lecture topics

Lab Assistant

ANTH B101: Introduction to Biological and Archaeological Anthropology

An introduction to the place of humans in nature, evolutionary theory, living primates, the fossil record for human evolution, human variation and the issue of race, and the archaeological investigation of culture change from the Old Stone Age to the rise of early agricultural societies in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. In addition to the lecture/discussion classes, students must select and sign up for one lab section.

Teaching Responsibilities
  • Assist with the development and implementation of lab activities to reinforce topics related to biological and archaeological anthropology
  • Assist students with the completion of lab activities during lab hours